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employees gossiping about male colleague using computer in office

Are cliques running your business?

Colleagues getting along and working in teams is an ideal scenario for employers. That is until a clique forms and uses your business as its headquarters. A clique is a small exclusive group of people, which may also be referred to as a gan...


Five employee situations that will test your patience

Every day can be different when managing a mix of personalities at work, that’s part of the fun. But with the good days can come some bad, and there will be times when your people management patience is tested to the max. Whilst a robust recrui...


Why it’s so important to inspire creativity in your business

A common misconception of creativity is that it requires a specific time and place to materialise. For example, a planned brainstorming session or in a design studio. Whilst these environments can be beneficial for some people, they are not the s...


The reasons why new employees are leaving

After a long and arduous search, you found and hired the perfect candidate for a role in your company. Excellent. You welcomed them onboard and walked them through your standard induction procedure. Great. Everything seemed to go swimmingly, and ...


How to help employees manage when life gets in the way of work

How to help employees manage when life gets in the way of work “It’s just one of those days” is a phrase we often hear when a friend or associate is experiencing an off day. Maybe you have even said it yourself. It’s understandable. Maint...


Five ways to keep your team working well through seasonal sickness

“AAACHOO!” Has this become a familiar noise in your business lately? Autumn is here and the back to school routine and longer commuter journeys have started to feel normal once again. The problem is that the hustle and bustle of playgrounds an...