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Does your employee contract template do the job?

Written contracts for employees may seem like burdensome paperwork. Yet another admin step prolonging your recruitment process. That is, until the full extent of their importance becomes clear to you when something goes wrong later on. You may fee...


How to address poor time management with employees

“There just aren’t enough hours in the day!” “Something more important came up” “I don’t have time right now. I’ll do it later” Sound familiar? If employees are providing these common excuses when you ask them for an update...


How to support an employee who is caring for a dependant

As many as one in ten of us is providing unpaid care for a sick or elderly relative. This can be in addition to paid employment, so it is possible that you may have some carers amongst your workforce. Unsupported employees with caring duties can e...


How would you rate your workplace well-being?

How well is your workforce? Reports have highlighted how work-related stress in Ireland is on the rise, with employee stress doubling over a five-year period. This suggests that workplace well-being in Ireland needs attention. An always on culture...


Top tips for managing remote workers

There are many benefits to employing remote workers for your business, such as reduced overheads and better flexibility. But managing them comes with its own challenges. On-site employees jesting that their homeworker colleagues are “slacking”, a...


Why every business needs a social media policy

With a large percentage of the population being avid social media users it’s safe to assume that some, if not all, of your employees have an online persona. It’s probable that you have even put the most socially savvy of them in charge of your ow...