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Five tips for stressed out business owners

Did you know that almost half (47%) of SME owners work overtime every week? Sometimes without pay!

With small and medium size organisations making up 99.9% of private sector businesses, it is no wonder the backbone of our economy is under so much stress! Considering this, look at our top tips for reducing stress in the workplace:

1. Identify the stress –  Try to be self-aware. Subtle changes in yourself, such as slight shifts in behaviour or lack of sleep, could be a sign of underlying stress.

2. Get an employee assistance programme – This is not only a great benefit for your employees, it is also a great benefit for you! It gives you access to an independent and confidential adviser to help you with any problems – in both your work and personal life.

3. Be organised – When you have a million and one things on your to-do list, create processes to stick to. This will help you to manage your workload and make sure that you don’t end up reinventing the wheel.

4. Stay active – Although you may think you don’t have the time to get some exercise, there is always a way! Find a workout that you can fit into your day and use it to manage your stress.

5. Finally, be productive – If you are still working at one am with a large amount of unread emails, there is no point working through the night. Consider some business or life coaching for managing your time efficiently – there are some great techniques out there.

If in doubt, give us a call at The HR Dept and we will be able to help with some well-being policies for you and your team.