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The HR Dept’s guide to hosting a good work party

There are times throughout the year that you may wish to reward your hardworking employees by hosting a party or a fun team-building activity. Work events such as the annual Christmas or summer party can be a great way to boost morale. They bring eve...


Four ways to improve knowledge sharing in your SME business

It is not uncommon for a small business to be fuelled by multitaskers who wear various hats throughout the day. As the leader of such a team you may even read this and say, “Oh certainly, I myself have at least five hats to choose from!” Whils...


Working well through the winter

Winter is in full swing! We’re pretty used to this now, it happens every year after all. And with the changeable climate of Ireland we wouldn’t even be surprised to experience four seasons in one day. Some news outlets are warning of the co...


How to spot and stop workplace bullying

It is sad but true that bullying is still a significant issue present in many organisations. A recent study in Dublin reported in 2015 that nearly one third of people are still being bullied at work, with women being more at risk than men. If left un...


Top tips for recruiting seasonal temps

As the merry folk in your workplace get caught up in the Christmas countdown and ask all sorts of burning questions such as “When are the decorations going up?”, you are quite possibly focused on another countdown. It could be counting down to...

Halloween at work

Is your office dressing up for Halloween?

From ghouls and ghosts to long-legged beasts and things that go bump in the night, is your office dressing up for Halloween? It’s that time of year! A huge stack of pumpkins has appeared in your local supermarket. A pumpkin-spiced latte seems li...