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Tips for managing employees in the cold weather

What are the minimum working temperatures? Brace yourself – winter is here! Despite the Christmas festivities being a source of great excitement and anticipation, gloomy weather inevitably comes along with it. Ice-cold mornings, grey days and ...


It’s pay rise season! How should you approach it?

It’s December, the shortest month of the year. Not in terms of days, but in terms of cash in the pocket! That space under the Christmas tree needs filling, and doing so is certain to squeeze the bank accounts of your staff. Many firms pay staff ear...


How’s my driving?

Ever waited in all day for a delivery to arrive? Watching the clock and spamming the website to check the status of your parcel? It can be stressful. But not half as stressful apparently as it is for the drivers. Some shocking practices were uncovere...


Maternity and adoption leave made easy

If you are the type of manager who goes into a tizzy whenever a member of staff announces that they are pregnant or planning to adopt, sadly we must admit you are not alone. More than 60% of new mothers claim they have suffered discrimination after h...


Top tips on managing employee sickness and absence

We thought we had heard every excuse going for employee absence. But one worker we read about this week really took the biscuit. They couldn’t come to work because they put their uniform in the microwave to dry it and set it on fire! Humour asid...


Tips on avoiding discrimination

This week, a Northern Irish bakery lost its case in the Belfast Court of Appeal when trying to overturn a previous high profile ruling. You have probably read about it in the press: they refused to bake a cake ordered by a gay man, Mr Lee, on behalf ...