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wasting time at work

It’s time to address the time wasters on your team

Before we talk about the time wasters on your team, it’s important to note that time wasting is a human habit that all of us can fall victim to once in a while. “Not me, I’m always busy” you may say, but if you’re reading this post it co...


How to prepare for the ageing workforce

Our population is changing. It’s ageing! Due to an increase in life expectancy, through enhancements in technology and medicine, it has been predicted that by the year 2046 there will be 1.4 million more people over the age of 65 in Ireland. If ...

world mental health day

Talking to your employees about mental health

#WorldMentalHealthDay is an important initiative that aims to bring international awareness to the value of mental health. Whilst a hashtag can get the conversation started, a conscious effort from everyone is needed to keep the conversation open...


How to level up your team through L&D

If you were to pick an employee at random from your company and ask them “What did you learn last week?”, could you be confident that they would have an answer for you? Perhaps they’ll need some time to think about it. But too long and you ...


Help! My employee doesn’t want to work their notice period!

Whether or not you saw it coming, an employee leaving can present a problem for your business. Even more so if they declare that they are leaving quite suddenly and do not intend on working their contractual or statutory notice period. Your initia...


The power of the daily commute

Ah the daily commute, what does yours look like? Do you dread leaving your house each morning for fear of traffic or delays? Or do you relish the headspace to listen to your favourite podcast or read a book? Perhaps you are of the few amongst us that...