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There are a number of occasions when an employer needs to carry out an investigation. This may be where there is a potential gross misconduct situation or because of allegations raised in a grievance.

The purpose of an investigation is to establish facts. The aim of an investigation is to identify what is most likely to have occurred as fairly and objectively as possible. It is important that an investigation process is carried out as quickly as possible and in line with the company’s own disciplinary and grievance procedure. Tribunals look carefully at the investigation and take a dim view if the issue is not investigated thoroughly and fairly.

Where possible the Investigating Officer should not be the employee’s Manager who may later chair the disciplinary or grievance hearing. This causes particular problems for small and medium sized businesses who do not have the resources in-house.

Fortunately The HR Dept can carry out investigations on a company’s behalf. As these situations are often sensitive, having an external experienced professional manage the process is hugely beneficial and can make the whole investigation less stressful and time consuming for all involved.

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