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On-site Support

Clear communication with your employees makes life so much easier. Especially when it comes to addressing HR and preventing people problems.

That’s why we offer on-site support.

With on-site support, your local HR Dept professional will visit you at your business to talk through your HR needs and requirements. Whether it’s a casual catch-up, support with a formal meeting or even advice for your junior HR employee, we can be there.

How does on-site support work?

This comes down to your HR needs as a business owner. The HR Dept on-site support service is flexible, meaning that the level and frequency of support that we offer can be tailored to you. We can arrange regular meetings to discuss your HR issues, or you can call on us to set up a one-off meeting as and when you may need one

When might I need on-site support?

Consider the HR Dept on-site support service as your local HR surgery. There are a range of circumstances during which you may find it beneficial for us to visit you on-site. Examples may include:

Holding difficult conversations

If you have a difficult or sensitive subject to discuss with your employee, we can be there to support you and ensure the correct HR procedures are followed.

Formal disciplinaries or grievances

Let us step in and take the pain away from what could be an unpleasant or confrontational meeting.

High-risk situations

If you are unsure of the legalities surrounding protected characteristics or employment law, we can steer you in the right direction and prevent a potential lawsuit.

To represent an impartial party

If your business is still growing, you may struggle to find an impartial witness for certain situations surrounding HR. We can be there to fulfil this role.


By taking advantage of the HR Dept on-site support service you can rest assured, knowing that your local HR expert can be at your place of work whenever you need them to be.

Take the dread away from difficult conversations with your employees by using our on-site support service. Contact us today for more information