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Safety Matters: Summer 2017

Farmers account for the most work-related deaths in Ireland

Almost half of work related deaths in Ireland have been caused by the agricultural industry – making it the sector with the highest fatality rate.

The figures showed that those who were self-employed had the highest rate of fatal accidents.

This highlights again the importance of assessing all risk faced by employees and how to work safely in that environment.

Although the decline was 20% less than the year before the HSA has urged businesses small and large to ensure that Health and Safety is a priority for businesses.

The HSA has been implementing and monitoring specific industries that are high risk such as farming, fishing and construction sectors and implementing awareness campaigns to raise awareness of the lack of health and safety in those industries. On the positive side, businesses have been taking part in educational training courses which is instrumental in reducing the fatality rate of these risky industries.


Health & Safety Myth

Health and Safety Regulations now ban the use of ladders.

This is a story that appears frequently.  There is no ban on ladders if they are used safely.  There are regulations to ensure that people do use ladders safely to reduce the numbers of workers seriously injured or killed falling off ladders every year.

There is no ban on ladders as long as they are secured and used appropriately.


Construction Safety Week 

The Construction Safety Partnership Advisory Committee has proposed Construction Safety Week on the  23rd – 27th  October. The vision is to highlight the importance of being committed to following health and safety procedures every day, reduce the number of accidents on construction sites in Ireland and inspiring all to share best practices to strengthen the culture of health and safety within businesses. The aim of this week is to promote work safety together and celebrate the progression of health and safety in the workplace to date.


Safety Alert for Hot Drums 

Following a serious incident that involved the explosion of an empty metal drum, the HSA have issued a safety alert in regards to employees carrying out ‘Hot Work’ in the workplace. An employee was fatally injured whilst carrying out ‘Hot Work’ on an empty metal drum which exploded due to the waste residue contained within it. ‘Hot Work’ is a process where there can be an ignition source or hazard of flammable material.

A risk assessment should be carried out before ‘Hot Work’ is carried out and alternative options should be considered or risks avoided by using specialist companies or methods. For all your Health and Safety queries contact your local HR Dept today.

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