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Eamonn Gibney

Eamonn Gibney

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Eamonn Gibney of the HR Dept, Co. Kildare & South Dublin has worked with STT Risk Management as an independent Human Resource Consultant from 2013 to the present.

During that time Eamonn has assisted the company in tackling many HR issues that were becoming problematic for us. Eamonn’s approach and professionalism and his clear understanding of HR Issues and his practical advice on Employment Law has allowed us to fully overhaul our Human Resource policies and processes and protect the organisation from exposure to risk. Eamonn’s personality and amiable nature allows him to engage with our staff, clients, and union officials in a way that they feel their opinions are valued and respected and taken into consideration when progressing through a workplace individual or collective issue.

During the course of his work Eamonn often organised and facilitated meetings with both staff and management alike in order to give advice and practical hands on HR solutions. He conducted these meetings firmly and professionally, and managed them within realistic time frames and according to a pre-determined agenda. His experience was particularly valuable during a period of heightened industrial unrest including the threat of strike action by some employees.

Eamonn has helped us in many areas of HR, including
• Employee Engagement,
• Management Training,
• Industrial Relations
• Strategic HR Management,

We as a company are better positioned now to deal with our Human Resource and Industrial Relations processes and problems. We consider the HR Dept, and Eamonn’s team to be our HR partners.
Harry Seymour, STT Risk Management Ltd
The HR Dept Kildare & South Dublin and Eamonn Gibney have been working with BCK since early 2016. They have helped us on numerous occasions with their expert human resources knowledge and practical approach. We had become somewhat sceptical after previously enlisting the services of prior HR companies and advisors so it was very refreshing to receive such expert advice and from an employer's perspective. The HR Dept really are local and personal, when we had an issue, Eamonn was there with us.

Eamonn brings with him a wealth of expert knowledge and his dedication to his clients is apparent, he is always extremely quick to respond to our needs and finds a way to progress a situation. He helped our company with updating our employee handbook and contracts and offers excellent advice in a quick and effective manner. The insured advice-line service really is comforting to have in place, it guarantees us quick access to Eamonn and his team. By following Eamonn's advice and knowing the insurance is there should things go wrong is a real benefit.

We are very pleased with our association with the HR Dept and Eamonn and consider them to be trusted advisors.
Alison Gray, Partner, BCK Accountants
Brockley Group engaged the service of the HR Dept, Co. Kildare & South Dublin, and specifically Eamonn Gibney in 2014, to assist our growing company to meet the HR challenges we faced. As an SME we did not think we needed a dedicated in-house HR resource, and the cost of hiring someone with the right experience was prohibitive. Eamonn updated our compliance documents, contracts of employment, employment policy handbook and ensured we were compliant with legislation. It was great comfort knowing he was at the end of the phone and we sought his advice on many occasions, this enabled us to proceed with confidence that we were not making poor decisions which could back-fire on us down the line.

Eamonn recently spoke to us about the value of ISO accredited psychometric assessments and the value that they can bring especially during recruitment, internal mobility and personal development. I volunteered to take the assessment and was really surprised to see how accurate it was, it described me in a very accurate way! Eamonn then sat down and explained the benefits of knowing the tendencies that I had and how I could work on these as part of my own personal development. We now intend to use this service for our entire management team to enable us to know them better, and to help them in their personal development.

Having the support of the HR Dept and the flexible approach they bring to meeting our HR requirements has been of great help to the Brockley Group.
Nicky Holmes, Brockley Group